Gracie Basics (Beginner Level)

Gracie Basics is our foundations course. It is based on a 12 week cycle which covers the most essential techniques of Gracie Jiu Jitsu while preparing students for future training in the Black Belt Program. Included are all the techniques that were proven effective by the Gracie Family to allow the smaller, weaker individual to defeat a larger, stronger opponent in a real fight. The moves are practiced slowly and cooperatively making the learning process safe and ego-free. This program includes:

  • Movement Drills/exercises

  • Stand up Self Defense techniques

  • Ground fighting techniques

  • Basics of Striking

  • Takedowns and throws

  • Submissions and Escapes

The curriculum was designed so that new students can start at any point in the cycle and not be lost or overwhelmed by the material. After 12 weeks students are welcome to upgrade to the Black Belt Program for more advanced training, including sparring. 

Women’s Only Program (All Levels)

This class is designed specifically for women looking to practice the Gracie Basics with other female students in a positive, relaxed, and supportive environment. This class includes:

  • Practical Self Defense techniques

  • Movement/fitness exercises

  • Verbal strategies for neutralizing aggression

  • Basics of Striking

Black Belt Program (White thru Black Belt)

This is our Intermediate-Advanced Program which builds on Gracie Basics while introducing the hundreds of techniques that make up the constantly evolving art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in a way that is structured and easy to follow. It is here that students begin Sparring and start progressing through the BJJ Belt Ranks from White to Black Belt. The number of class times increases greatly in this program as does the variety of training options. 

This program includes:

  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the Gi

  • No-Gi Submission Grappling

  • Self Defense training

  • Judo + Wrestling takedowns

  • Live Sparring (aka Rolling)

  • Full access to all open mat times

Students in the Black Belt Program are encouraged to continue attending Gracie Basics for further refinement of the fundamentals. 

Adult Belt Ranks:

Kids Jiu Jitsu

Our belief is that training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for kids should be a positive and fun learning experience. Our priority is that our students to enjoy their time on the mat while learning valuable Self Defense skills they will carry with them for life. 

This program consists of:

  • Drills/Movement exercises 

  • Self Defense techniques

  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/Grappling techniques

  • Verbal De-Escalation strategies

  • BJJ training in the form of “Games”

A Gi (Jiu Jitsu kimono) is worn in these classes and will be provided upon enrollment. Shorts and a T-shirt or regular exercise clothes are fine for Trial classes.

Kids Jiu Jitsu Belt Ranks:

Private Coaching 

Private coaching is the fastest way to improve in Jiu-Jitsu. Every lesson is customized for the individual and feedback is given by the instructor as the techniques are practiced at a pace and intensity appropriate for the student.

These lessons are great as an intro to Jiu-Jitsu, for building a “game plan”, improving overall performance on the mat, and much more. Private lessons may also be preferable for those with scheduling difficulties.

*Pricing options vary depending on age, experience level, and training schedule. Please call, text or email with said information for a specific quote.*

Check out some of our amazing testimonials:

“Drew is the epitome of what a martial arts instructor should be. He brings no ego and is dedicated to the advancement and understanding of his students. It is rare to find a teacher who performs at a very high level and can still break down concepts and techniques so that anyone can understand. I started training with Drew as a white belt with no prior experience in grappling/martial arts and couldn’t have asked for a better introduction. Do yourself a favor and study with Drew!” 

-Joe T.

“Drew is one of the best jiujitsu instructors I’ve had the privilege of learning from. He is a legitimate Gracie jiujitsu black belt under two of the highest ranking practitioners in North America and possesses the unique talent of breaking down complicated techniques/concepts into simple explanations/instructions that anyone can understand and easily put to use. If you are in the Seattle area and considering learning self-defense and/or jiujitsu, you will be doing yourself a HUGE disfavor by not checking out Framework BJJ.” 

-Osuke H.

“Drew is a fantastic instructor who places an emphasis on real-world self-defense in his instruction. He can also do the sportive stuff as well, as proven by his competition success. I would highly recommend him as an instructor.”

-Christopher J.

“I could go on and on about Drew Vogel and his Jiu Jitsu. To keep it short and sweet, I will say that if you’re looking for the purest form of Gracie Jiu Jitsu, you needn’t look further. He has an extensive resume and has been training for quite a long time under some serious Black Belt instructors. I believe that Drew’s and his wife Chrissie’s mission is not to build fighters, but to create survivors. They will give you the confidence and skill set to defend yourself, regardless of your size, strength, or level of experience. It won’t be long before you fall in love with their method of teaching and the Gracie Jiu Jitsu lifestyle. I’m proud to call Drew and Chrissie my mentors, coaches, and friends.” 
-Charlie S.

“Drew’s teachings are fundamentally sound and he’ll not just teach you BJJ but how to think. He is not only an excellent instructor but also an amazing inspiration.” 

-Eri F.

“I think it was Simon Cowell that said, “There are black belts, and then there are BLACK BELTS”. Drew is a legit black belt with years of experience and an aptitude of transferring these skills to students of all abilities. One of the traits that makes Drew special is his attention to all aspects of BJJ including street and sport. Whether you are looking to learn self defense or compete in tournaments, Drew has you covered.”
-Zach A.

“Drew is awesome. Amazing instructor for both beginners and high-level competitors. He has a way of breaking down complex techniques into steps that are essential to make the technique work. He has helped me a lot in training and in coaching me through a lot of my tournament matches. Also watching him calmly submit high-level brown and black belts in tournaments is inspiring. He reminds me that jiu jitsu is about good fundamentals, breathing, and staying calm and focused.” 
-Lex F.

“Drew has a clear style of conveying information and teaches both basics and advanced levels so that they are easy to understand. He is an approachable and encouraging instructor as well as a generous training partner – always leaving me room to work my game. If you are a woman in Seattle looking for a great place to learn self defense or take up a sport that benefits you both mentally and physically, you can feel comfortable and safe attending a school run by Drew.”
-Laura M.

“Drew has the rare ability to find the perfect balance in his instruction between the in-depth, subtle details critical to a particular area and the ‘big picture’ broad overview concepts which apply across many areas. He is kind and patient and when rolling, he destroys you in the most respectful way possible! He’s an all-around good dude, and no one seeking instruction from him could possibly be disappointed!!!” 
-John V.

“Drew is a great instructor in jiu jitsu and in all areas of self defense. I highly recommend Framework jiu jitsu to anybody looking to learn the art and to get into shape.” 
-Bill L.

“Drew is a phenomenal Martial Arts Teacher!! I highly recommend training at Framework BJJ!” 
-Marius E.

“Drew comes from a long line of passionate and detailed instructors that keep it real. Can’t go wrong with him. Unless you expose your neck or arm. Don’t make that mistake.” 
-Greg J.

“Yo Seattle folks, Drew has a stellar reputation earned teaching and training in Philly for a decade. I first met him when he was a blue belt and he was already a patient and precise instructor. The community here will miss him but we send him to you with our recommendation!” 
-Sean M.

“I probably learned more about myself in just my first six months of jiu jitsu classes with Drew than I did during my entire stint of schooling and military service, and the knowledge I acquired still enriches my daily life.” 
-Chris C.

“The attention to detail that Drew brings to his class is outstanding. In a sport where moving an inch the wrong way can be a mile, you need someone like drew who doesn’t skip steps.” 
-Chad S.

“Drew is a great instructor of jiu jitsu and has the proper temperament in motivating his students to do their best while they enjoy the journey.” 
-Phil G.

“An Outstanding and Fabulous Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor. Drew has a natural talent to teach and perform techniques in a way that is easy to comprehend. His details are strong and efficient. I would highly recommend seeking out Drew for instruction!” 
-Matt H.

“I trained with Drew and took some classes with him while visiting Philly. A brilliant instructor and lovely guy. If you are in the area, you should drop by for sure.” 
-Phelim O.

“Drew Vogel is an inspiration! Framework Jiu Jitsu is a must whether you want to begin Jiu Jitsu or have been practicing for years.” 
-Adam P.

“Drew is an excellent and detail-oriented instructor, and his classes are fun. Could not recommend more highly.” 
-Anahi M.

“Super knowledgeable and friendly instructor. Great for beginners and seasoned competitors alike. Highly recommend!” 
-Jooyoung L.

“One of the most technical teachers. Drew will bring your game to a different level.” 
-Jimmy B.

“Drew really knows his stuff, and is a pleasure to learn from. Philly’s loss is your gain – do yourself a favor and check him out.” 
-Jeremy D.

“Top notch instructor ! !! You d miss something if you don’t check him out!” 
-Wil M.

“Drew Vogel is a great instructor for jiujitsu players at all levels.” 
-Andrew R.

“This is based on my experience at Balance Studios in Philadelphia. Drew is an excellent knowledgeable instructor.” 
-Daniel C.

“Drew is one of the the best instructors at all levels I have ever met. Hopefully your success will follow you to Seattle.” 

“Drew is a top level well rounded martial artist. I’ve seen him teach all levels from beginner to pro and every time with a smile on his face.” 
-Rick M.

“Drew’s the best! Legit black belt and talented teacher. No matter what level you are, you’ve found the right place.” 
-Phil M.

“Five stars lol. I would give you 10 stars. What an awesome instructor Drew Vogel is One of the best!!!!!!” 
-Joe S.

“I have trained with Drew for 10+ years. His technique and understanding of jiu-jitsu are outstanding. Highly recommend checking out his academy.” 
-Matt G.

“Drew is a fantastic Jiu Jitsu instructor . Seattle got a good one. You owe to yourself to learn from one of the best instructors in the Pacific Northwest.” 
-Phil S.

“Aside from being Drew’s training partner and ruggedly more handsome friend for 12 years, we also share the same birthday and year. That being said we started as white belts together and have both climbed the ranks. I’ve watched Drew grow into a competent, dedicated, and compassionate instructor. He has a solid foundation and ability to relay subtle and important fundamental techniques. Drew has also been a high ranking competitor. His wife, Christine, whom was recently and deservedly promoted to purple has a nurturing and thorough teaching style. For the women who may be a bit shy, Christine is an excellent resource who also has experience competing. Whether you’re looking to learn self defense or compete I can think of no people better. Seattle is lucky to have them.” 
-James Chiariello, 1st degree black belt under Philip and Ricardo Migliarese.

“Drew is an amazing instructor.. in the few years ive spend training with this man he has totally evolved my jiujitsu game and my way of thinking about self defense.
Drew is also very knowledgable in the sport jiujitsu and judo. He has the ability to break down moves to its finest detail and help glue them back together to better fit your current arsenal/game.
If you’re looking for the complete package for an instructor i highly suggest you check him out. He will not disappoint.” 
-Eugene R.

“Drew was the first guy I met when I started training in philly this past July.  I had the privilege of taking both beginner and advanced classes with this guy up until he moved out to Seattle, and he’s absolutely amazing. He’s great at breaking down all the little details that make a move work, and even if he’s showing me a move that I kind of feel like I have down, he still manages to point out one or two details that make me that much better. It’s like every class with him is a jiu-jitsu ah-ha moment.

To make things even better, Chrissie (the other half of the Framework team)  is an awesome teacher in her own right. She’s super patient and more than happy to stop mid roll and show you some cool move.

So when I had to take a work trip out here, I jumped on the chance to go to a class at their new studio. And since this spot is new, it’s basically like private lessons with two amazing teachers.

If you’ve never tried BJJ before, or you just want to up your game, def check out Framework. It’s worth every penny!” -Jess S.

“My friend recommended me to check this place out since they had a free trial session then. I usually train at another academy, but I just wanted to try that free trial. The professor, Drew, and his wife Christine are very skillful, knowledgeble, and friendly. Drew is absolutely a high-level black belt competitor and teacher. The techniques shown in the class were self-defense oriented, but still effective in sports jiujitsu.
If you’re interested in self-defense and street fight techniques, give it a shot!” -Kazuki U.

“Sensei Drew is a fantastic teacher, I cannot recommend enough. His skills are paramount and he is kind and patient with his students. Try framework bjj. You will feel the difference in your game immediately.” -Travis M.