Framework takes gold!

This past weekend 3 of our students decided to compete for the first time in the Proving Grounds Submission-Only Tournament in Auburn, WA. Not only was this their first time competing, but also our first competition as a team since opening our doors in late 2016. Despite the fact that FrameWork BJJ is not a competition-oriented school, our students were able to take home 2 Gold medals and 1 Silver medal in their respective divisions. It is our belief that a solid technical foundation combined with healthy and sustainable training habits is the key to progressing in the Art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for any arena be it Sport, Self Defense or as a life-long hobby. We’d like to congratulate our competitors for their results and to thank our fellow students (especially Coach Jacob!) who helped them prepare and perform!

We’d also like to offer a discount to new students this month with 10% off tuition for our Gracie Basics Program. This program is designed to introduce new students to Jiu-Jitsu in a safe, structured progression and contains the most essential techniques of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and Self Defense. This program is based on a continuous 12 Week Cycle giving students the chance to repeat lessons as needed, and is designed so new students can enter at ANY point in the cycle. Contact us with any questions or simply show up 5 minutes before any of the scheduled Gracie Basics class times and we’ll set you up with a FREE week Trial!

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I'm a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt who relocated to Seattle from Philadelphia. I've been training in martial arts actively for 20 years and in Jiu Jitsu since 2003. I'm a certified instructor under Rick and Phil Migliarese, owners of Balance Studios and 4th and 5th degree Black Belts under Grand Master Relson Gracie.

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